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Hello, my name is Britt Thompson.


I have a B.A. from New England Culinary Institute in Food and Beverage Management with a focus in Sustainability and an AOS in French Classic Cuisine.

I spent my youth flying back and forth from Maine to New Orleans providing me with an adequate balance of culture and spirit. I have found my home in New England but New Orleans will forever hold a piece of my heart. I grew up hunting, fishing and getting dirty. Shucking raw oysters on the bayou, having crab and crawfish boils with corn and red potatoes all while watching the fishing boats come in and go out as the sun sets. This is how we spent time as a family. I have been fortunate to have many unique food experiences in my lifetime and want to share these moments with others through my work.  I've worked under James Beard Chef's including Rob Evans in Portland, ME and Donald Link and Stephen Stryjewski of Couchon Butcher in New Orleans.


My goal is to create an experience and stimulate our senses and sense of connection with one another through the mediums of food, drink & atmosphere.
Respecting and acknowledging our environment; cherishing our culture and history and doing so with the upmost respect, passion, love, and curiosity feels like the right thing to share.


I spend my time seeking balanced, well-paired sensory experiences and connecting with people. It’s rooted deep in my bones and my goal is give others that same sense of fulfillment I have been lucky to experience. Life moves quickly, it’s important to remember to slow down. Have a cocktail, be present, explore your senses through dinner with people who are close or strike up a surprisingly enlightening conversation with a random stranger sitting down the bar. However it may happen I encourage you to celebrate our working landscape, the seasonality, the locals and the pure natural beauty around us here in Vermont.


Salt & Rind Events is my solution to encouraging the creation of memories to be held dear to the heart through the medium of food, drink and social connection. We remove the idea of a physical restaurant setting and bring our services to the spaces you want to celebrate in most.
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Hello, my name is Luke Williams.

I was born and raised on Cape Cod, MA. I have had a strong sense and passion for food for as long as I can remember and have built my career and life around that passion.


I believe growing up by the ocean lends to my sense of culinary curiosity and is the core of what inspires me to always be tasting, smelling, using my senses to understand and connect with the world around me.


I attended Cape Cod Tech for Culinary Arts, then pursued my BA in Hospitality & Restaurant Management at New England Culinary Institute with a specialization in wine & beverage studies here in Vermont. Upon completing my degree, I explored New England and worked in a variety of restaurants from Maine, back down to the Cape furthering my skills and network. Starting at such a young age allowed me to jump into management at the age of 19.


Working with local farmers and producers over the years deepened that passion and made me into the chef and bartender I am now. I enjoy seeing the reaction and happiness on people’s faces when I create the cocktail or dish that they really love.


Landing back in Vermont in 2011 I have become part of the community and worked as the General Manager at a local restaurant for the past 8 years. It was then time for me to set sails and see what I am made of and start my own company. I’m looking forward to bringing this passion to every event and person we meet. When I’m not in the kitchen or behind the bar you can find me in my vegetable garden, paddle boarding a local lake or remote camping in the summertime and at the mountain snowboarding in the winter.

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